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The Project Delivery Standard webinar: Key points and how to watch the recording

The recent webinar ‘Introducing the UK Government’s Project Delivery Standard’, hosted by the Association for Project Management (APM) was one of their highest ever subscribed.

Participants learned how the Project Delivery Standard is there to support everyone involved in projects, and all types of project, programme and portfolio.

It caters for a variety of roles from Project Managers who can use it as a reference to help set up their project for success. To Permanent Secretaries and Director Generals who want to promote the right environment for delivery, and to Senior Responsible Owners who want to ensure they understand the breadth of practices required for their portfolios, programmes, and projects to succeed.

The standard is also applicable to the private sector to ensure alignment when bidding for work, or to understand the expectations of project delivery in government.

Valuable feedback and comments were received by participants on what they learnt or will do differently including:

“The Standard gives Project Delivery Professionals more confidence to challenge and improve.”

“It sets expectations, and will be my North Star, not my methodology.”

“Spread the word!”

Key Points from the Webinar

The panel of presenters provided insight on the development of the standard and how it can be used not only within Government, but also by the private sector.

If you missed out, you can watch the webinar and view the presentation slides to hear presenters expand on the key points below.


The standard is an enabler and not a straightjacket. The standard can be used to drive conversations with teams, line managers, and departments on what good project management practice looks like. This could enable a discussion on having the right resources, with the right skills at the right time of the project lifecycle or having one clear definition of a portfolio, programme, and project to setup appropriate governance and structures required for success.

Global Leading Practices

The standard is the best of the best. The Project Delivery Standard incorporates leading practices from around the world that was written by government, for government. By incorporating these practices the standard provides an holistic view of project management practices in one referenceable document. The first known time this has been done by any government.

It’s Not About Compliance

The Project Delivery Standard is not about compliance. The standard is about empowering people to understand how to professionally deliver portfolios, programmes, and projects and give them assurance they are delivering to best practices.

One Source

The standard provides one definitive reference of project delivery in government. The standard helps cut through the noise and different interpretations of project delivery. Having one reference document brings greater consistency and alignment within teams, departments, and across government.

Have Your Say

The standard is available on GOV.UK. We welcome your feedback or queries on the standard so please contact us at

"It has made me realise the responsibility the PMOs have in embedding this standard. I will go back to the teams and highlight their responsibility rather than waiting for this to come from the top down."


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